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Out of everything that contributes to your bookmaking business, your players are one of the most valuable assets. Rather than overlooking it, optimizing it is going to help your business really take off.

How You Can Profit from Every Player

It’s not uncommon for bookies to underestimate the value of their players. After all, some come, some go. But the truth is, regardless of how frequently they bet, your players are who keep you in business and leveraging that power, can help your business become more profitable. These tips can help you profit from each of your players:

Focus on Your Clients

Focus on Your Consistent Players

Sure. You might have a few high rollers on your sheets. They occasionally bet “big bucks” and that plays to your advantage when they lose. However, at some point, they might win, and that’s not so great for you. Your customer base has a core and it’s not made out of high rollers, it’s made out of those players who consistently place bets on your system. These people are the ones that keep your business afloat, which is why you should care about them. Find ways to keep them engaged and motivated to continue to bet with you.

Collect Data That Helps You Grow

When it comes to collecting data, a good PPH software is your best ally. At Booking Per Head, we want to give you every tool you need to run a successful bookmaking business and that includes a series of reports that will help you learn more about your players, their figures, wagers and more. Go the extra mile and make sure you and your sub-agents keep a close eye on what your players are doing so you can identify their interests and have a better foundation that allows you to create stronger business relationships with them, so they will stick around longer.

Start by getting the best per head software and then take it from there. If you want to try it out, get a 1-week free Booking Per Head trial. Contact us if you have any questions.

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