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Have you ever got the feeling you’ve been played? Didn’t do well in the recent March Madness? Got slammed on the last NFL season? There is nothing to be ashamed of. It has happened to all of us. The important thing is to learn how to prevent it from happening again.

For many offshore books, certain moments in the year such as the NFL postseason, NBA playoffs or the World Series are their betting business peak period. These are exciting times for sports fans and gambling industries. High traffic on bets placed online, by phone and by any other means, fills sportsbooks and agents’ daily routine with long busy and rushing day.

On the other hand, this high gambling traffic also makes it easier for sharp players to take advantage of the situation. For many agents, NFL postseason becomes a headache when they have the impression that someone is beating them at their own game. It is a very uncomfortable, but common feeling between agents and book owners. Wiseguys or sharp players are out there, seeking the best moment to make their move and strike with accuracy. However, there is no reason to panic and shut down your business.  Learn here easy tips to identify and catch sharp players, so you can sleep soundly again.

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Wiseguys or sharp players or are well-informed, knowledgeable, and successful sports handicappers. These people are exceptionally skilled at placing bets on sports, and they are expected to win in the long-term. They are accurate and will try to be stealth. Nonetheless, they are readable and can be easily found, if you know how.

Probably, the easiest and most accurate way to find them is to compare the line a player received when they made their bet in relation to your closing line. If this player is constantly beating your closing line by one or two points, you should pay attention to his actions and probably forced to close his account. Even if he beats your line just by half a point, if there is consistency, he is likely to be a long-term winner.

Pay attention to his winning streaks. Any given player can win in the long run, but if he wins every week, there might be something going on.  Keep track of the amount of bets he places per day and how many of these he wins. You should also be suspicious if he puts no more than 1 or 2 bets per day.

Look at the type of bet he prefers. Not many sharp players play teasers, parlays, props or special plays. This is explained by the fact that: the risk of losing is bigger in these bets. Wise guys rather play straight bets, where they can control better the line and its movements.


If you can’t still catch your sleep, don’t worry. Leave it in hands of the experts. At Booking Per Head, we can help you get rid of that problem and get you back on track. You will be able to enjoy your favorite games without worries.

Let us know you whenever you have that suspicious sense running through your guts, and we will come to the rescue. Our staff of expert can determine in a matter of 3 days if you have a slick, sharp guy between your players or if he was just lucky for a few days.

Just give us the accounts and we will go over them. Our experts will perform a deep research to each one of your player’s actions and in no time, that scary feeling inside your soul will disappear. Your night’s sleep will be long and pleasant and your weekends fun and exciting again.

Don’t be afraid of your players. Don’t miss the opportunity of making high profits these upcoming NFL season. Sharpen yourself and regain the control of your player’s actions. Contact Booking Per Head today and get an accurate and effective wiseguy solution.

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