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Pay Per Head or Price Per Head can be confusing concepts to wrap your head around when you first hear about them. How about if we unravel the mystery?

What Is Pay Per Head?

Believe it or not, the answer to this question is rather simple. Pay Per Head means data management services designed to offer all the solutions that bookmaking agents require to stay competitive, all for a weekly fee called “price per head.” This means that an onshore bookie would supply his clients with the services of an online sportsbook, in an anonymous way, through automated sports betting software.

What is Price Per Head?

Price Per Head is the fee you pay when you hire the services of Pay Per Head software.

This means that every week, the PPH shop is going to count how many of your clients used its bookmaking or gambling solutions.


Bookmaker SoftwareWhen the count is done, the software will know how much to charge you depending on the number of players that used the software, hens, price per head, or price per every player. Let’s say you have 50 players, or 50 people that hired you as their bookmaker. If only 20 out of those 50 players used the services offered by the Pay Per Head tool, then you’ll only pay for those 20 clients. What’s great about this, from a bookmaker point of view, is that the bookmaker would be using a Pay Per Head service that is based on actual usage.

What Sort of Services Are Available Through a PPH Software?

The main services offered by Pay Per Head software are:

  • Mobile or Online Betting
  • Casino Games
  • Call Center Services

When looking for bookmaking per head options, you need the best sportsbook software to offer your players. Booking Per Head gives you one of the best options in the market at just $10 per player per week.

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