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Week 1 of this season’s best of 16 has already brought us four exciting games.  Although three of them resulted on a draw, agents and sportsbooks still had their hands full. Wagering on soccer represents a lot of activity for the industry, reason why we want to keep you up to speed. The UEFA’s Champions League is Europe’s biggest club tournament and Booking Per Head has all it’s latest news.  Week 2 of the best of 16 has been played and here are the results.

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Tuesday’s Action

Juventus Stadium in Turin saw previous winners, the Juventus match up against also previous champs Borussia Dortmund in a rematch of the 1996–97 final. On that instance the German squad came out victorious and were able to lift the coveted trophy. So for Juventus this week’s 2-1 score may be the start  of some long waited payback.

Manchester City hasn’t had the European success its neighbor United has. Even passing through the first round has been difficult for the “Citizens”. So seeing themselves matched up against fan favorite Barcelona must have been a hard drink to swallow. Lossing 2-1 at home on Etihad Stadium even harder. A tough road lies ahead for both teams but the prognosis seems harder for the British club.

Wednesday’s Matchups

An astonishing result took place on London this past Wednesday. Emirates Stadium saw big underdog Monaco beat Arsenal at their home turf.  A draw would have been more than a great result for the french squad but the 1-3 has really given them an edge. Will the “Gunners” be able to make a comeback or is this match up already decided?

Last year’s runner up Atletico Madrid did not have a nice time at Bay Arena in Leverkusen. Local boys Bayern Leverkusen surprised fans all around with their 1-0 victory over the sub champions. A one goal difference is not a safe bet for the Germans and their visit to Madrid should prove it. Atletico on the other hand only needs one goal to pull the series back into their grasp.


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