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The NFL draft is a unique event. Although the season is far from training camp, the draft always comes as a reminder of the season to come. Teams lobby and negotiate with each other trying to accomplish their goals. There will always be teams coming out as winners and others as losers. That only time will tell, since it is until the drafted player performs, that the teams know if their choices were the right ones. Many players have been drafted top three and have been complete busts such as JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf. Nonetheless teams have landed Hall of Fame players such as John Elway or Barry Sanders in the top draft picks. A brilliant college career has proven not to be a safe bet when it comes to playing in the NFL. We present our readers with the top 3 picks from this year’s NFL draft.

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#1 QB Jameis Winston / Florida State

Former Heisman Trophy winner, Winston is set to be the future quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hs movility and arm strenghth should be a much needed weapon for Lovie Smith and company.  Plagued with controversy due to sexual assault allegations, Winston seems unfazed and ready for his NFL debut.

#2 QB Marcus Mariota / Oregon

The most coveted player of the draft, Mariota was in the eyes of many NFL teams. Crazy theories were woven regarding his former coach Chip Kelly doing the impossible to get him in the Eagles roster. If this was true or not will not be known soon, but we will be able to see what he offers his new team the Tennessee Titans come August.

#3 Dante Fowler Jr. / Florida

Praised as the most gifted pass rusher in his class, Fowler will be an amazing weapon for the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. At 261 pounds of weight, Fowler moves like he was 230. His physic will give him an edge against any weak tight-end or lineman. A diamond in the rough that with the correct guidance will shine on the NFL.

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