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It has been almost two weeks of excitements at Rio 2016. Disappointments, frustration, success, victory, tears, sweat, and happiness, are part of the daily emotional cocktail that the Olympics offers.

After 11 days of action-packed competitions and just a few days left in the Rio Olympics 2016, the U.S. comfortably leads the medal count. So far, this Tuesday, August 16th, three more gold medals were added to make 28 golds, 28 silver and 27 bronze medals, for a grand total of 83 awards. 

Between the latest achievements, standout Christian Taylor and Will Claye’s triple jump performance. They became this Tuesday, the first teammates to ever finish one-two in the event in back-to-back Olympics. Taylor won gold and Claye won silver at the 2012 Olympics in London, and they repeated that feat in Rio.

Of course, if we are going to talk about great performances, we can’t ignore Michael Phelps and his 5 new gold medals and 1 silver that he added to his already huge personal collection (28 Olympic medals). Thanks to his five golds and Katie Ledecky’s 4 gold medals, the U.S. reached a total of 16 gold medals, eight silver, and nine bronze medals, for a total of 33 medals just in swimming. Good enough to be the sport that has provided more gold medals to team USA, so far.

It is followed by gymnastics with a total of 12 medals, 4 golds, 6 silver, and 2 bronze medals. In third place is athletics with a total of 11 medals. 3 golds, 4 silver and 4 four bronze medals.

The competition is rough, but there is still a lot more of sports and disciplines in dispute in the next days and a great possibility for the U.S. to increase the medal count even more.

Here is the top ten in the Rio Olympics medal count:

Sports antorcha of triumph


    Country                   Gold            Silver        Bronze            Total

  1. United States       28                   28                27                        83
  2. Great Britain        18                   18                 11                         47
  3. China                     15                    15                 18                        48
  4. Russia                    12                    12                 14                        38
  5. Germany               11                     7                   6                          24
  6. Italy                        8                      9                  6                          23
  7. Netherlands          8                      2                  3                          13
  8. France                    7                      10                10                         27
  9. Australia                7                      8                  9                           24
  10. Japan                      7                      4                  18                         29


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