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After every season and before the next, the free agency market is at its busiest possible. Teams scramble to entice their favorite choice and big contacts take place. In the Bay Area people haven’t stopped celebrating the Warriors championship, yet the player market is already in full bustle. Some big moves have already taken place and we want to bring the latest news from the NBA’s free agency deals.

Money Money Money


For it is money that drives all the bargaining between player, agents and the teams. Ultimately it is the money factor that will determine the destiny of a player. There are instances were player will choose a team for it being close to their heart, but its become more and more scarce. Leaving sentimentality aside, lets get into the market’s movements.

NBAStarting with the Indiana Pacer, who the past week signed to a $44 million 4 year contract with the now ex Mavericks guard, Monta Ellis. With talents like Paul George and George Hill, can the signing of Ellis put the Pacers in contention for the title? An iconic figure is coming back for yet another season. Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs will come back for his 19th season. Best of luck for Tim in what could be his last run for a title. Even the flaming new champs have already started making their moves. After his tremendous performance during the finals, the Golden State Warriors have signed forward Draymond Green to a 5 year $85 million contract. Another big move from a finalist was the resigning of Kevin Love by the runners up, the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have given him a 5 year $115 million contract in hopes of getting another shot at the title. Big names are still pending to be taken such as forward LaMarcus Aldridge who is being pursued by many teams, so sit back and enjoy this year’s free agent market.

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