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For many years mix martial arts was a male only sport but things started changing a while back. The change came with a very specific face and style. A face that has remained and will remain as the main MMA female figure for a long time. On Saturday February 28 Ronda Rousey took on Cat Zingano at the main event for the UFC 184 card. High expectations were placed on Zingano giving Rousey a run for her money.  Expectation fell flat when Rousey submitted here opponent in mind boggling 14 seconds of the first round. With this victory, Ronda Rousey has solidified here position as the best female UFC fighter. Her legacy is definitely secured and for this reason we wanna take a closer look at the 135 pound champion.

The fight was already in her genes

Sport boxer woman in black gloves boxingRousey’s love for Judo started in her own household. Her mother AnnMaria De Mars was the first american woman to win a World Judo Championship with her victory in 1984. So clearly her love for the sport came from her mom’s side, starting to practice with her at age 11.  Her Olympic trajectory was a bright one. She was the youngest athlete at 17 to compete in Judo at the 2004 Olympics. That same year also saw her win the World Junior Judo Championships in Budapest. The peak of her Olympic career came in 2008 when she won bronze and became the first American to win an Olympic medal in women’s judo.  Afterwards she took the jump to MMA and had her first victory as soon as 2010. By 2012 she was fighting Miesha Tate for Strikeforce’s bantam weight championship and won it via submission. She defended her title in August and by November of the same year she was signing a contract with the UFC.  From that point forward the sky has been her limit and after her last victory she now has an amazing record of 11 wins and no losses.  Cris “Cyborg” Justino featherweight champion of Invicta has been exchanging words with Rousey for some time and fans all around want to see them fight. Only time will tell if we are going to be able to see this great matchup take place.

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