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There are certain teams that maybe due to their name or iconography are considered classics. Their accomplishments may also be part of this legacy (or not). Their is a team on the MLB records that fans all around would love to see comeback. Their logos and insignia’s are remembered even by the younger fans.  The team we are referring to is the Montreal Expos. The first team to get an MLB franchise outside the US.  They first presented their bid to become an MLB team during 1967. On 1968 it was announce that 2 new franchises were opening up in Montreal and San Diego and by 1969 the Expos were playing the league.  The Expos created such a boom for the city of Montreal that some years later the league was granting their second franchise to a Canadian team, this time for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Although the Expos never won a World Series or a Pennant, they did win their division once. The reason for this was that in 1981, a players’ strike in the middle of the season forced the season to be split into two halves. Montreal won the division in the second half, despite having the second best record in the division when considering the entire season, two games behind St. Louis. They had the great and controversial Pete Rose play for them during the 1984 season. During his time in Montreal, Rose managed to collect his 4,000 hit, putting him next to Ty Cobb as the only players to have surpassed this number.  The great Nicaraguan pitcher Dennis Martinez pitched a perfect game for them at Dodgers Stadium in 1991. On 2004 the Expos played their last game at Shea Stadium loosing to the New York Mets 8-1. They afterwards were relocated to Washington becoming the Nationals.  Current Montreal mayor Denis Coderre is trying to get the Expos back and running and he met this week with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred regarding the issue. After their meeting he stated ” I want to show him our love of baseball, the fact that the political will is there to make this happen. I’m not going to negotiate publicly, but I’m going to send the strong message that we have the tools.” Only the future will tells us what’s in store for this classic franchise.

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