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A brief introduction to the Teaser

A teaser is a type of gambling wager that works in the same way as a parlay, in that it consists of multiple teams that need to cover a spread in order to win the whole wager. So for example if you pick Denver on your teaser and the spread is -2; after teasing it 6 full points the result will be Denver +4 giving you a margin for the pick to loss the game but still cover the spread. There is a major difference between the parlay and the teaser and it is the fact that while a parlay has bigger payout, a teaser gives the player points to the already existing spread of the picks chosen. Although a teaser does not have the juicy payout a parlay brings, working the spread to your favor is a major benefit.

Lines of are created predicting that the final outcome of the game will be around that number, a teaser will increase the odds of hitting every pick.

Scoring the winning points at a basketball game

If you pick Denver on your teaser and the spread is -2; after teasing it 6 full points the result will be Denver +4 giving you a margin for the pick to loss the game but still cover the spread.

The Basics

As we said, teasers are bets that modify an existing spread and for that reason they cannot be offered on all sports. There are many events that have spreads to bet on but not for that reason a teaser should be offered.

Runlines in baseball for instance, consist of a spread which by default is always -1½ on the favorite, so giving any amount of points to move that spread would be a huge mistake for any agent or business. For this reason we see teasers mostly offered on footbal and basketball both profesional and college. Teasers are also diveded into two categories due to the amount of points they offer as well as the odds and the way they are graded. Before we go deeper into them, we need to notice the fact that nowadays teasers are modified to fit the agent’s or business’s needs, so it is uncommon to see the same type of teasers offered from one book to another. For example teasers can be modified via odds, amount of teams allowed, result when there is a push on one of the picks and the amount of points offered per sport.

Going back to the basics of it we mentioned that they are offered mainly in football and basketball. We have regular teasers and special teasers which are also known as New York or Sweetheart teasers. The main difference is the amount of points you receive from each. On regular teasers we normally see a range between six and seven points offered in football and four and five in basketball. The amount of teams range from two to six that can be used on a single teaser and of course the payout increases the more teams you use. Special teasers on the other hand are more standard, since you normally only see the two most common. There is a 3 teamer that offers 10 points on football and 8 points for basketball. Then there is the 4 team special teaser that usually offers 13 points for moving the lines on football and 10 for basketball. There is one thing to note and it is that a lot of agents and businesses do not offer special teasers on college. This due to the fact that lines may be weaker than in pro sports and players can take advantage of this. In case there is a push on one of the picks of a regular teaser, the norm is for the teaser to revert to the lower bracket. So a three team teaser reverts to a two teamer, but a two teamer will never revert to a straight bet since buying some many points on a straight bet is not often offered. Special teasers on the other hand can either be set to cancel or to lose in case of a push on one of the picks.

team - american football concept

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