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We provide the best agent management per head software in the market. With dozens of features to help you have better control and follow up on your player’s action and your business profit.

Here at Booking Per Head we are continuously working on improving and adding new features to our software. If you would like to learn more about our software or would like a free trial, please contact us or call us toll free at 1-877-211-5274.

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Per Head Software Features - Weekly figures
Weekly Figures
BPH Customer Admin
Customer Admin
Pending Reports
Graded Reports
Per Head Software Features - Game Admin
Game Admin
Agent Position
BPH Total Active Customers
Total Active Customers
Agent Performance
Gambling ang Horse Racing
Enter Customer Transactions
IP Tracker
Agent Billing
Customer Transaction History
Bet Ticker
Bet Ticker
Sportsbook lines
Place Wagers
Late Bets

Weekly Figures

Run real time weekly reports on your player’s figures. Select by week and customize your report to show exactly what you need.

Including Name, Password, Balance Forward, Settle Figure, Deposits/Withdrawals, End Balance, Pending Plays columns.

Customize your report to see: Sports, Casino or All Figures. You can also view summary reports for specific Win/Loss action and have the option to go back up to 20 weeks.

Game Admin

Run your own lines! Have charts, and move your own action.

Our software allows you to see where the action goes LIVE! and move your own line on top of what our Line Managers are doing depending on where your action goes.

We are always dealing a very sharp line, but we cant control certain things like agents having players on the same area and liking the same teams. With our software you can keep track of what players are doing at all times, and you can adjust your line accordingly.

You can be sure that with Booking Per Head you will always have the best line out there and we always recommend our agents to let us handle their lines. We have a team of specialized people working on this 24/7. We just have the option for any agent that wants to do it.

Customer Admin

The customer admin is our masterpiece. This is where you can see the list of all your players separated by agent/master agent, and change their details like password or limits and other features. U can also select the different tabs that we offer.

Allow/Denny: Here is where u can select exactly what you want your players to see on the betting site from all the things we offer default. You can even be specific on selecting a exact wager play for any given sport for any given player.

Max Wager: Here you select any specific wager limits you might have, give your players access to higher amounts on the plays u think they lose the most. You can set by side, moneyline, total or team total.

Vig Setup: We offer all the juice adjustments possible. Our juice set up is the most advanced in the market, we can set specific lines sets for specific needs. Our software has two systems working in sync to cover any adjustment that you want your players to have on any given sport. It also allows you to restrict the money lines your players see. If all this seems complicated to you, you can be sure we are experts on the matter and have studied all aspects to create the best house profile, to protect our agents that just doesn’t want to deal with that.

The best thing is that you can set by specific player and/or specific sport on any of these cool features. This is one of the many things you wont be able to do in all the other shops. We have the ability to change anything we want because we designed the software we use to fit our agent’s most demanding needs.

Pending Reports

Ours Pending Wagers Report is fully functional. By using it’s custom filter it can point exactly to the bet you want to see, as well as account information and full ticket + game information. You as an agent can delete plays directly from the site, and can give access to any subagents that you want to have that option. Also sort by type of wager and horses. Check what plays were deleted with your “deleted wagers” report.

Graded Reports

Get all the information you need in past days or weeks. Our Graded Reports are all you need to find any given wager between your players. We have filters and sorts to help you simplify your search.

Bet Ticker

This is where the action happens. When you open your Bet ticker prepare to have an experience. Here you can see the action coming in live! You can customize your bet ticker with the amounts sounds and colors you want. You will see your players coming in on the games live and you will be able to know what they do at all times. The bet ticker will tell you team, amount, and player.

IP Tracker

Forget about players telling you they didn’t put a play in. With your IP tracker you can track exactly where the bet came from. You see all the movements that go on in each of your player’s accounts.

You will be able to see when and where they logged in from and who made the bet. It will compare between your players to see if they are using the same IP and you will be able to tell when players are using more than one account.

We have specialized information when it comes to placing bets so we can prove players anything that they say the didn’t do.

Total Active Customers

This report shows the amount of players you have actually betting. If any player makes one bet, then that’s how the computer identifies who plays and who doesn’t. If a player doesn’t play you wont be charged the fee.

It will do the calculation on how much you have to pay currently for the players using the software. At the end of the week, your account will get charged the final amount and it will start a new week. You can go back and check your figures any time you want.

Email Services

Send your players messages! Email your players back and forth and have secure communication with them to avoid any phone calls or text messages. Email them and have easy access to talk to them.

Enter Customer Transactions

With this feature you can add deposits or do withdrawals, credit or debit adjustments and add description to it, Do it easily and fast. You can do all your players at once and avoid those long hours doing figures.

Agent Performance

With this report you can see what your players have won/lost. You can select a start date and an end date and it will tell you the figures for all your packages.

Looking for more?

There are many more features to our software that makes us the right solution for any per head business. We are happy to talk to you and run you through every detail of our software and features.