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When you choose a Per Head software program, you want to make sure it offers everything you need to run a successful operation.

5 Software Features to Maximize Your Bookmaking Business

Everybody wants the best for their business. There are definitely things that can make a difference in how your business performs in the market when compared to the competition. At Booking Per Head, we can provide you with the best agent management per head software out there. If you’re starting or revamping your per head business, there are some features in our software you know about which can set you apart.

BPH Customer AdminCustomer Admin

The masterpiece in our software. With this feature, you can see all your players groups by player or master player. This is also where you’d do things like changing their password, limits, or other features within this, such as Allow/Deny, Max Wager, and Vig Setup. The best thing is that you’re given the option to set by a specific player and/or specific sport on any of these cool features.

Per Head Software Features - Game AdminGame Admin

You should be able to run your own lines if you want, and with our software, you can. Our software allows you to see where the action goes LIVE! and move your own line on top of what our Line Managers are doing depending on where your action goes. We can certainly run your lines for you, but we also enable the option for you to do it yourself.

BPH Total Active CustomersTotal Active Customers

Since you only will only be charged the fee for those players who are actually betting, this is a great report to keep handy. With this tool, you can see who is playing and who isn’t. That way, you can know how much you’ll be charged every week.

email platform for BPH software servicesEmail Services

Communicating with your players via email allows you to stay in touch with your players in an easy and secure way. Plus, it saves you all the calling and texting.

Bet TickerBet Ticker

This feature allows you to see everything happening live. You’ll be able to see your players coming in on the games in real-time and their every move – all the action in one place.

We Got the Perfect Solution for Your Per Head Business

Are you liking our features so far? There’s plenty more from where those came from. Every feature in our software allows you have better control and follow up on your player’s action and your business profit. How about a free trial? Contact us today.

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