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calcioThe world of soccer has had its fair share of mishaps lately

The countries they awarded the next two World Cups are under fire for various reasons. Russia which is the recipient of the honor to host the 2018 cup, has clear human rights issues as well as funding problems. Claims of corruption in the bidding processes has also placed a nasty shadow on this host as well as the one for 2022. For in 2022 the World Cup is to take place for the first time in a middle eastern Arab country. Qatar is the designated host and has not escaped heavy criticism.  It has been reported that thousands of foreign workers have died due to the inhuman conditions they have to endure, while raising the stadiums that will host the cup. Lets not forget the fact that the dates of the tournament will have to be moved to November/December due to the temperatures in Qatar during June/July (the traditional months the Cup is played).

The President Quits

Soccer playerIts known that FIFA, the main soccer organization worldwide has recently suffered a major blow. In a surprise move by the FBI who was investigating corruption in the upper levels of the FIFA, 14 executives have been arrested in Switzerland and are awaiting deportation to the US under charges of corruption. Sepp Blatter president at the time had just been reelected for a fifth term, renounced his position in the mist of the scandal. The Gold Cup was just over this last weekend and it hasn’t escaped controversy either. Mexico made it through quarter and semifinals with the clear help of referees, awarding them non exiting penalties in key moments of their games against Costa Rica and Panama. A sport so beloved around the world needs to put its main institution under the looking glass and reform it, before they lose their main component; the fans.

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