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Tuesday, November 8th, the date that all Americans and many people around the world are impatiently waiting for. As this important date gets closer, the race to become the 44th U.S. President gets wilder. The second presidential debate, hosted last Sunday, October 9th, was an overwhelming proof of this.

In just a few hours after the second presidential debate, the presidential elections odds went nuts. Right after the first deliberation event that took place on September 26, both contenders’ lines were kind a close. The Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton was favorite at -250. While the Republican Donald Trump was at +180. However, even though Trump and his party continuously declared themselves winners of the second debate, just minutes after it ended, odds jumped significantly, but not in Trump’s favor. In fact, Hilary stretched her difference to -333, while Trump was at +240. So, according to these odds, most books believed that Hilary had a 77% of winning the elections in November.

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Where To Aim?

Sadly for most Americans, the rule of the day during the first two presidential debates has been composed by endless discussions and insults from one to the other, and essentially none of them have used their time to share their government plans. However, the odds keep jumping up and down, setting Clinton as a clear favorite. Her odds have constantly been moving and this Tuesday, October 11th, some books had Hilary Clinton at -650, while Trump has been at +325 for a while. Nonetheless, we can be sure that during the next days, some new dirty rumors and accusations from one candidate to the other will appear and lines will keep jumping up and down.

Booking Per Head online wagers, hillary or trump, betting oddsInteresting Props

The Presidential Elections are right at the corner, but not before a third and final presidential debate. This means that if you and your betting business didn’t take advantage of the past deliberation events, now is the perfect time to get right into the action and offer your clients, different and fun prop to bet on. People love to bet in strange, funny props. It takes away some of the tension that a regular sports bet has. Usually, clients place them just for fun, but they can be very lucrative to your business.

During the first two debates, some of the most popular props, people bet on were:

  • Total times “China” is mentioned.
  • Total times “Russia” is mentioned.
  • Total times “Mexico” is mentioned.
  • What color will be Trump’s tie?
  • What color will be Hilary’s jacket?
  • Trump will say, “Build the wall.”
  • Trump will say, “bigly or big league.”
  • Trump will say, “Huge.”

The third and final presidential debate will be held on Wednesday, October 19 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. So, you are time to get ready and boost your business profits with some cool and fun debate props.

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