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The countdown has begun! We are only a few hours away to the most anticipated and important political and betting event of the year. Who will become the next U.S. President?

Even though most of wagering companies in the world set their main incomes in sports events, lately political events have built an interesting popularity between gamblers, and books have noticed it. In fact, some state that the Presidential Elections could make a spot in their 2016 top ten betting events.

A good and clear example of how popular politics have become between bettors was the past UK referendum to leave the European Union known as the Brexit. According to several betting exchange European companies, they made around 150 million dollars on average with the Brexit referendum. It is expected that the U.S. Presidential Elections, will double or even triple that amount. By Sunday, the same companies were reporting roughly an average of 130 million dollars traded.

Books all over the world are expecting to break wagering records for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. The reason is not rocket science. The race to become United States’ 44th President has been extremely tight and different. “Ok, not different… I meant wacky”!

Donald Trump is a celebrity, a showman. He knows how to call people’s attention and he has captured everyone’s eye at the moment. Everybody in the world wants to know what is going to happen and that is pure gold for the betting industry.

The Race

Over the past week, the presidential race has tightened. Trump has been bouncing up and down the whole campaign. Hilary Clinton has been steadier, but according to the polls, Trump’s chances of winning the election have increased, as Clinton’s lead dropped because of the FBI investigation. However, most recent numbers showed Clinton rising on Sunday again, right after the FBI stood by its earlier recommendation that no criminal charges were warranted against Clinton in her use of a private email server.

Back in March, major books all over the world, had Clinton favorite at -200, while Trump was at +200. By June, Trumps numbers dropped to +260, while Clinton was at –320. By October, Clinton reached a -550 line, while Trump was at +350, but the numbers clearly went nuts and the gap narrower by the first days of November, when Hilary Clinton dropped to -275 and Trump was at +190. Today, odds are showing Clinton again as a clear favorite at –550, while Trump is at +190.

November 8th will be a historic day for the U.S. Get ready to live this day in a great way! Be part of your Nation’s future. Make your voice count. Don´t boo, vote!

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