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The killer instinct and the terminator mask couldn’t suit tighter to the New England Patriots for this Halloween. Tom Brady and cronies are spreading fear and panic over the rest of the league teams.

Last night’s victims were the Miami Dolphins who were not capable of stopping Patriots offense nor wake up from their worst nightmare. The final score was 36-7.

Tom Brady threw for 356 yards and four touchdowns. Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Dion Lewis accounted for 287 yards receiving and all four touchdowns for New England.

New England Patriots image by Paul Keleher

New England Patriots image by Paul Keleher

Game Actions

On the opening drive, Brady connected with Gronkowski for a 47-yard scoring pass; however, the Patriots managed a total of 65 yards on their next five possessions.

Rob Gronkowski had 113 yards receiving and a touchdown, and Dion Lewis had 93 yards receiving and one score.

On one point of the game, it appeared that Miami was trying to fight the horror nightmare, right after Tannehill led the Dolphins into the end zone to start the second half with Lamar Miller scoring on a 1-yard run.

In the fourth quarter, Tom Brady took a nasty sack. But instead of weakening him, Brady threw a touchdown pass on the next play. He connected with Julian Edelman for a 10 and a 16 yards scoring pass.

Miami has been struggling the whole season and after replacing coach Joe Philbin the Dolphins’ nightmare just keeps getting spookier. Last night, late in the third quarter, the four-time Pro Bowl defensive end, Cameron Wake was carted off the field with an Achilles tendon injury. If a tendon rupture is confirmed, Wake’s season could be over.

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Thursday night, the New England Patriots became the first of the five unbeaten NFL teams to reach a 7 game winning streak. Behind them, following closely, are the Denver Broncos, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Carolina Panthers and the Green Bay Packers. All of them, with one game less than the Patriots.

It is true that it is still too early to call a winning it all favorite, but these five teams are showing their arsenal to confront any team in the league. And, so far one of the most challenging teams to face is the New England Patriots.

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