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The NBA season is great for the gambling business and we want to bring you an update of it’s current affairs. Gamblers all around are on a constant look out for information in order to place their money wisely. With such a vibrating season well on track, let’s take a look into it’s latest news, reports and headlines.


Female Ref Problems??

Chris Paul of the LA Clippers has made news last week by taking charge against 1st year referee Lauren Holtkamp for her calling a technical foul on him. On Thursday’s loss in Cleveland, Paul received a technical foul called on him for something he said to the rookie ref. His post game remarks have now earned him a $25,000 fine. Many such as Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon are defending the Clipper’s player, saying his remarks were never gender driven.

A New Playoff format

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said that they have been looking into changing the current playoff format. By eliminating the Eastern and Western Conference seeds, we would have the 16 best teams in the league playing. Division winner would have an automatic pass to the playoffs while the remaining ten would be picked by their records alone. Fans all around the league should be excited since nobody will miss these playoff games, for they have proved through the years not to match up the best teams in the league (or even teams with a .500 or more record).

New Coach for the Magic

A head rolled last Thursday in Orlando; head coach Jacque Vaughn was fired.  With only 15 wins and 37 losses the Orlando Magic are far from contending for anything. Standing 13th on the Eastern Conference and 5th of their division, they find themselves on a track that would see them win only 24 games this season. Assistant James Borrego will be taking the reins of the team, but he will not be given the position permanently. Coach Vaughn was brought in during a reconstruction phase but was ultimately unable to deliver the expected results.

Basketball arena

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