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Only four teams left, but plenty of thrilling games to go. The Conference Finals are here! Beginning this Monday, May 16th, the NBA will show what does the best of the best from this 2016 has to offer on the court.

The matchups show an interesting mixture of experience, hunger, heart, talent, and rivalry, becoming a must-see for any NBA fan. For the opening game, the defending champions, The Golden State Warriors will face No. 3-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder at the Oracle Arena. Performing on Tuesday, the top-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers will share the Center Stage with the No.2 seeded the Toronto Raptors.

NBA Conference Finals 2016Warriors vs. Thunder

On the West side matchup, the Champs arrived at the Conference Finals with an almost perfect season and plenty of rest after defeating Portland Trail Blazer 4 games to 1. Nonetheless, they will be facing a talented Oklahoma City Thunder, who has shown great arsenal by easily defeating the favorite San Antonio Spurs.

This even matchup is tighter than it appears. There is no doubt that the Thunder could really hurt the Warriors if they put down the guard and get lazy as they feel comfortable on the court. In fact, some are pretty sure this is a 7 game series.

Cavaliers vs. Raptors

Probably the Raptors’ lethal hunger is Cleveland’s biggest threat. These two teams arrived in the Conference Finals in very different conditions. The Cavs had an easy sweep over the Hawks, with more than a full week rest to regain their strength. As for the Raptors, they had to run back and forth, and squeeze every play to defeat Miami in a seven game series.

It is true that Cleveland is on fire, and they display how tight the team is with the way they play. However, the Raptors have shown they are all about heart. They show how hunger and determination are powerful weapons against simple talent.

Both games are exciting matchups, and you wouldn’t want to miss any action from the Conference Finals. Therefore, here is the complete schedule so that you can follow your favorite pick all the way to victory.

2016 Conference Finals Schedule

NBA Conference Finals 2016Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors   

  • Game 1 (at Cleveland)  5/17  8:30 p.m.   ESPN
  • Game 2 (at Cleveland)  5/19  8:30 p.m.   ESPN
  • Game 3 (at Toronto)   5/21   8:30 p.m.   ESPN
  • Game 4 (at Toronto)    5/23   8:30 p.m.   ESPN
  • Game 5 (at Cleveland, if necessary)   5/25   8:30 p.m.   ESPN
  • Game 6 (at Toronto, if necessary)   5/27   8:30 p.m.   ESPN
  • Game 7 (at Cleveland, if necessary)   5/29   8:30 p.m.   ESPN

Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder     

  • Game 1 (at Golden State)   5/16   9 p.m.   TNT
  • Game 2 (at Golden State)   5/18   9 p.m.   TNT
  • Game 3 (at Oklahoma City)   5/22   8 p.m.   TNT
  • Game 4 (at Oklahoma City)   5/24   9 p.m.   TNT
  • Game 5 (at Golden State, if necessary)   5/26   9 p.m.   TNT
  • Game 6 (at Oklahoma City, if necessary)   5/28   9 p.m.   TNT
  • Game 7 (at Golden State, if necessary)   5/30   9 p.m.   TNT
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