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The moment that all football fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. Super Bowl LI is just around the corner, and major sportsbooks all over the world are ready to hit the boards and take action. They can smell it! They can taste it! The big bucks are right there, waiting for the perfect moment to be placed.

Every year, the Super Bowl surprises everyone with high numbers in TV ratings, commercial spots, social media engagements and, of course, action bets. This year will be no different. According to the American Gaming Association, Americans will stake an estimated $4.7 billion on Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons – enough reason to shape up your betting business and get ready for the action.

Superbowl XLIX

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Where To Aim

There is no secret formula to catch a lot of action in this game. There is no risk of mistake with this one. It is almost as easy as just offering the regular spread and they will come all by themselves. Everyone will be watching the NFL Final. However, you can always make it more interesting. In fact, all of your players will be expecting to see some intriguing, wacky prop bets on the board, and that is your chance to make the difference.

Players are constantly trying to make wise bets. Nonetheless, Super Bowl Sunday is a party day, and football fans just want to have fun. Therefore, they are more willing to take risks and throw some money in the air, “just to see what happens.” The betting industry knows this, and some are already posting more than 400 Super Bowl props to play.

You can always find the most traditional props, but some others are truly a piece of art. Here are some of the ones that called my attention:

Traditional Bets

Of course, we need to go over these. They are the basis of everything else. Besides, some players will always stick to their system, no matter how tempted they get.

So far, the New England Patriots have been steadily favorite at -3. The money line is set at -155 and the Atlanta Falcons at +125. The total line is 59.

One interesting fact to consider is that these two teams have met just four times since 2001, with New England winning each of those games, including their last match on September 29, 2013. The other is that New England covered the spread in each of those games and Tom Brady started, as well.

Between the traditional prop bets we can find:

  • Who will be the MVP: Tom Brady is opening as the favorite at 10-11. Matt Ryan is second at 8-5. Julio Jones and Julian Edelman are next at 12-1.

The good old coin toss is at:

  • Head – 102
  • Tails – 102

Total QB sacks by both teams:

  • Ov 4.0 Ev
  • Un 4.0 -120.

More rushing yards:

  • Patriots -5.5 -110
  • Falcons +5.5 -110

Will Tom Brady throw an interception:

  • Yes +150
  • No -170

Wacky Stuff

I truly believe that with prop bets, imagination is the limit, and this year, books all over the world helped me reinforcing that statement. Recently, the halftime artist (Lady Gaga), was involved in controversy because it was stated that the NFL instructed Gaga to avoid making political statements regarding Trump. Even though the NFL denied making such instructions, the controversy was enough to come up with a pretty good prop bet:

  • Will Lady Gaga make an anti-Trump political statement during her performance? 10/13
  • How many times will “President Donald Trump” be said during the live broadcast? Over/Under: 1.5

If you are not the political type, here is a lighter one:

Lady Gaga’s primary hair color when she’s first on stage:

  • Blond: 2/3
  • Brown: 3/1
  • Pink: 10/1

Another controversial prop bet I could find is:

When will the first Deflategate reference be made by Buck /Aikman (or sideline reporter):

  • First quarter: 7/4
  • Second quarter: 5/3
  • Third quarter: 5/1
  • Fourth quarter: 8/1

If none of these props call your attention, how about mixing sports? Here are some interesting ones:

Who will have more:

  • Tiger Woods’ 18-hole score in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic versus Brady’s gross passing yards. Brady -18.5.

LeBron James’ total points in Cavs-Knicks game on Feb. 4 versus Ryan completions.

  • Lebron PK
  • Ryan PK

Jozy Altidore’s goals at USA-Jamaica International Friendly soccer match on Feb. 3 versus Tom Brady’s interceptions.

  • Altidore: PK +110
  • Brady: PK -130

Get your book and staff ready. More than four billion bucks are waiting to be placed. There’s no better way to enjoy the game!

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