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The betting world is full of fancy terms. You first need to understand these terms before you can fully take advantage of the benefits of betting. Money lines can be a tricky concept to grasp. Here, we will break it down for you.

Understanding Money Lines

Money cares about who winsMoney line betting is much more straight forward than point spread betting. The money line cares only about who wins. By betting on a money line, you are aligning yourself with the same goal that the team you’re betting on has, which is to win the game, regardless of how much they win by.

When to Use a Money Line

This type of betting is used for several sports that have really small margins of victory, so using a point spread in those cases would be irrelevant. Some of these sports are hockey, soccer, baseball, tennis, boxing, and even auto racing. A fun fact here is that a bookmaker only makes money when the underdog wins.

 In money line betting, the bookie realizes that more people are going to wager on the favorite, and can only hope to have enough wagered on the underdog to cover their potential losses on the favorite.

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