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baseball player sliding into home plateAmerica’s favorite game is back! This is a fact not only to fans but also for sportsbooks and agents. The MLB provides the league with more games per season than any other sport. One hundred and sixty two games per team are quite a lot if you compare it to the NFL’s regular season that consists of only 16 games per squad. So many games on a daily basis provides a unique opportunity to increase your revenue.

The Champ

The bay area has seen its fair share of championships in the last 5 years; 3 to be exact. The 2014 season finale saw the San Fransisco Giants go head to head with the Kansas City Royals in the World Series. Although the the Royals had home field advantage, it did not help them at the end. Both teams took the best out of seven series to the limit, having the Giants win game seven 3-2 in Kauffman Stadium for the heart break of the local crowd.

A New Season Starts

fenwaySunday April 5 was the date for this years first game of the season. In a classic venue such as Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals were the chosen squads to officially get the season started.  A division rivalry in a stadium that now offers a huge a 3,990-square-foot video board on its left field. With this premises we enjoyed an opening night that saw the Cardinals win with a 0-3 score. The odds to win the 2015 World  Series gives us two clear favorites, both from the National League. These teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals but there are other teams such as St Louis Cardinals and the Seattle Marines that have low odds too.

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