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NFL teams most often score in multiples of 3 (field goals) and 7 (touchdowns and extra points). Getting on or off these key numbers can have a significant impact on your winning percentage and units won.

The Magic of NFL Key Numbers

We all want to win our bets, regardless of how experienced (or not) we might be. As the gambling industry grows, sportsbooks become more and more interested in offering more appealing wagers and better services.

Use NFL key numbers to your advantage   Buying points allows the bettors to recover, even though people differ on whether it is actually a good option or not.

Buying points is just how it sounds. You are buying a point towards the team you want to cover the spread. So, for example, if the St. Louis Rams were +5.5 against the Dallas Cowboys, and you wanted to buy a point, now you could get the Rams at +6.5. On the other side of that, if the Dallas Cowboys were -5.5, and you wanted them at -4.5, you have that option. Instead of the typical -110, which means you are paying $11 to win $10, now you are paying an extra dollar ($12) to win $10.

Source: analyzed all NFL games since 2003 and concluded that over 30% of games they analyzed finished with a 3-point or 7-point margin of victory, which shows why sharp bettors consider these to be “key numbers.” Other key numbers are 4, 6, and 10. Around 42% of all NFL games are going to end up with one of those five margins. Since these numbers have become so important, it should be more expensive for bettors to buy points that move a side on or off of a 3-point spread, for example. Even though it will end up being a more expensive line, it is still pretty attractive to any bettor, as you now have one of the key numbers in your favor.

Buying points

Take Advantage of Those Key Numbers

Now that you understand this, use the season’s highest traffic of NFL bets in your favor and make some extra money with the key numbers. You can make the most of the payoffs and take control of your players through the Booking Per Head software. Get in touch with us and become a successful booking agent.

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