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Beautiful young woman holding footballIn Dallas they really want another SuperBowl victory. For this reason owner Jerry Jones has made some moves that for some people may have seemed strange. He reinforced the offensive line to give Tony Romo more time as well as for any running back. These moves paid dividends last year, for the Dallas Cowboys seemed to be the best team in the league for a while. They made it to the playoffs and were robbed in many’s minds in the now infamous reversed catch made by Dez Bryant. For this reason and others the Cowboys decided to sign free agent and controversial figure Greg Hardy. Was this a right move and how it will affect the Cowboys remains to be seen.

Carolina Era

Known as “The Kraken“, Hardy was drafted in 2010 by the Carolina Panthers. He played his college days for the University of Mississippi were although eligible for draft in 2009, he still played his senior year for Ole Miss. He was drafted 175 overall on the 6 round of the 2010 NFL draft. His rookie debut saw him force a fumble, have 4 tackles and even blocked a punt for a safety. His rise to fame was well on its way and his first 4 seasons were a testament to his potential.

Off the Field Issues

american football: fans and playersOn May 13 2014, a call was made by himself to 911 regarding an incident at his home. The police arrived at the scene and actually filled an incident report regarding an assaulted female. This person was Nicole Holder who was in a relationship with Hardy at the time. Holder provided a very different story than the one recorded from Hardy’s call to 911.  He was sentenced to probation due to being convicted in a misdemeanor trial without a jury, conviction her appealed at that time. After only 1 game of the 2014 season, Hardy was suspended with pay by the league for the rest of the season. The charges were then dropped since Holder never showed up for the ensuing trial and it is greatly speculated that Hardy paid her off. In a league were teams are pulling away from player’s with judicial problems, the Cowboys are taking a huge public relations risk with the signing of Hardy. A new suspension of 10 games for the incident has been handed to him; so it doesn’t seem that Greg and Cowboys started on the right foot their involvement together.

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