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Continuing with our look at the industry’s hook ups (also known as gimmicks), we will now review a wager that could be called controversial. This in the case of reverses since they tend to mislead agents and players regarding their payout. On the other hand a regular if bet is a pretty straight forward bet and the way its works shouldn’t be a head ache for neither players or agents. A wager ideal for the cautious player and for those how are certain one of their picks is a winner but not so much the other. This does not mean that the agent is gonna be affected or have the odds against him. For any gimmick will always have lower odds of winning than a regular straight bet. Let take a closer look at the internal workings of If Bets and Reverses

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Origins and how they work.

The origins of most wagers are hard to trace but in the case of if bets its not. An individual by the name of Brad McFarlane is the one considered his father. A strange reason is the one that gave inspiration to McFarlane for it seems that his hate a cleaning crews gave way to the new wager. As strange as this sounds, our sources share the same information regarding the creation of the wager.

The mechanics of the wager are pretty simple, if the first picks wins you get action on the following pick. So by this reasoning, if the player takes a three team reverse and only the second pick losses, he will have won the first pick, lost the second but will have no action on the third. This way players can place their money on the pick they feel will most likely win and then take a shot at a second line they are not so sure about.

We find that there are 2 major branches in If bets. There are single action if bets also know as if win only and there are those know as double action or if win or tie. The difference is very simple, on a single action if bet the picks have to win and win only, for the player to have action on the second pick. On the other hand double action if bets will give the player the chance to win, push or cancel the pick and the second one will still have action.  On single action wagers the player normally has the option to increase the amount he bets on the second pick. This because of the fact that only if he wins the first pick will he have action on the second. This cannot be done on double action if bets since the player could push the first pick and not have enough balance to cover the higher risk of the second one.

Reverses tend to confuse both agents and players, but their mechanics are pretty simple. Reverses are always made of two teams. It basically will create 2 separate if bets, with team A on top of team B on one of the wagers and B over A on the other one. In the event of a higher money line on one of the picks of a reverse, the system will deduct the most a player can loss in case he plays it double action. This is were agents and player’s get confused because the player may loss both picks but still not loss all the money the system risked on the wager.

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