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The major international multi-sport event in the world is just around the corner, and it is a rare, but excellent opportunity that sportsbooks all around the world get to boost their business’s profits.

From Friday August 5th to Thursday August 21st Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília and Manaus will host the 2016 Olympic games, which are already becoming the main topic of the sports conversations at the coffee breaks and hallways. Specially, when Zika continues to threaten the health of many Brazilians and of course the athletes. Also, the sudden banned of hundreds of Russian athletes for doping issues and the addition of two new sports, Rugby and Golf.

Sports antorcha of triumph 2016 OlympicOlympic sports betting are popular all around the world. An opportunity that only comes every four years, and this 2016, things couldn’t look any better for the betting industry. With a record number of countries participating, with more than 10,500 elite athletes performing in 28 Olympic sports and a total of 41 disciplines and 306 events, the betting possibilities with the Olympics are endless.

Why Focus On The Olympics?

There is no losing for bookies in the Olympics. All around the world people will be looking and enjoying continuous live broadcasting of the games, in support of their favorite athletes and home countries.

There are many popular sports that people can feel comfortable and familiar, such as basketball, tennis or soccer. But there are other pretty exciting sports that call people’s attention and urges them to bet on, even though they are not so familiar with it. This can be very helpful for bookies and their interests.

Also, it is already pretty hard not to get emotional with your team’s colors while betting, but when it comes to your home country, it is almost impossible not to put your heart in the middle, which can easily make gamblers ignore the best option.

Of course, some sports are more popular than others, but the wide range of betting possibilities in the Olympics doesn’t stop there. Props or future bets are between the most popular bets during Olympic games. For instance and just to mention one quite obvious, which country will take the lead in the medal table?

So, you are now aware! Get ready for the action and take advantage of the 2016 Olympic games. Follow us on our next post, to find out which are the most popular Olympic sports for gamblers, so you can make the most of this great opportunity.

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