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Horse wagering can be a headache for the non experienced player or agent

Booking per Head leader in per head solutions wants to remind you that it is actually pretty easy. Horse racing has been with us for a long time and if you don’t know the basics, it time you start learning. For a savvy player or agent will not be easily fooled.

Basic Wagers

A very important part of the horse wagering lingo are 3 words: Win, Place and Show. They basically mean first, second and third place. So by this you can place a bet on a horse to win which means that you are betting on the horse to come in first place. A place wager is betting on your horse to come in second and Show in third. Many players nowadays will bet a horse across the board meaning they are betting on the horse to win, place or show. A horse that comes in first place will have a payout for each each category and the player will win for each wager. On the other hand a horse that comes in second will only pay place and show, and loss the win wager. This type of wagers are the equivalent to straight wagers.


elegant business multitasking multimedia manExotic wagers on horses are composed of picking more than one horse’s result on a wager. For example on an Exacta, the player wagers on which horse will come in first and second place. On a Trifecta as the name states, the players bets on which horses come in first, second and third place. For both exactas and trifectas, the horses have to come in exact order the player chooses, otherwise he would lose the bet. Another common term in horse wagering is box, since you can take trifectas and exactas and box them. By this the player bets on all the possible combinations between the horse he choose. For example an exacta box with 3 horses gives you a total of 6 combinations. Daily Doubles and Pick 3’s are exotics in which you bet on the winner of 2 or 3 consecutive races.


Want to increase your horse wagering profit??

Booking Per Head provides solutions to any Agent or Sportsbook with all the Price Per Head services needed to manage action. Your demands will be met by our 8 year + experience Per Head customer service . We own top of the line equipment and the most up to date hardware installed with specialized techs constantly looking for better options. We offer fast browsing, and easy to use websites to fit any agent or player’s needs. Feel free to contact us 24/7 if you feel it’s time to take the next step.



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