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The amount of phrases and terms related to horse racing can be mind-boggling. Understanding its unique vocabulary will make things easier for you. There are two types of bets in the horse racing world: straight and exotic. Each has its own set of terms. Curious about how straight bets work?

Horse Racing Lingo

What You Need to Know About Straight Bets in Horse Racing

There’s a lot of lingoes involved when it comes to horse racing. If you’re putting money down on a horse and place a straight bet, you definitely want to know the most important terms so you can communicate better and hopefully walk out with more money than you walked in.

What Are Straight Bets?

Let’s start with the basics. Straight bets are the most simple kind of wagering. Why? Well, when you’re wagering on a horse to win you are, basically, placing a straight bet. Now, let’s talk about some straight-betting terms.

  • Place: If you think a horse won’t win but it’s possible it’ll come pretty close to first place, you can make a place bet for it to finish second. The cool part is that even if the horse wins, you still get to collect its second place winnings.
  • Show: This is almost the same as a place bet but with a horse that finishes third. You still get to collect the money if it wins, or comes in second.
  • On the nose: When you’re only betting on a horse to win.
  • In the money: If a horse finishes in first, second, or third place, it “finished in the money.”
  • Across the board: This term applies when you place three bets: one for each of the first three places. If the horse wins, you get the money from all three bets. If it comes in second, you collect the bets for second and third. For a third place finish, you’ll be paid once.

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