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Exotic bets rule the horse betting world. They are tougher to win but, without a doubt, are more profitable than simple bets. Want to find out how?

An Insight on Exotic Bets in Horse Racing

As you can imagine by the name, exotic bets are the fancy child of horse betting. We’ve talked about straight bets before, and they are good, but exotic bets take the wagering game to the next level.

They are called “exotic” because they significantly stray away from the straight betting format. Straight bets are to be placed on one horse, whereas with exotic bets, you can bet on two all the way up to four horses at a time. In this case, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

The Three Most Important Types of Exotic Bets

There are various types of exotic bets, but these three are the staff of life for any professional horseplayer:

Types of Exotic BetsExacta

You bet on two horses to finish in first and second place in a specific order.


This one is also called a Triple. You’re wagering on the top three finishers in a race, in the correct order.


The difficulty is the name of the game here. It’s more complicated because you get to pick the first four finishers and, again, you have to nail the exact order. You could box the bet (check definition below), but that means covering a lot more combinations than an Exacta. It’s a pretty risky move, but it really pays off if you get it right.

Other types of Exotic Bets

Boxed Bet

You pick two to four horses to finish in no particular order, but in any of the possible combinations. For example, if you choose two horses for the first and second place, regardless of the order, you’d be “boxing” an Exacta. Horse 1 could be first place, and Horse 2 be second or vice versa. Each combination is a separate bet.


This is a lot like the box bet where you choose two horses to finish first and second regardless of the order. It’s considered one bet, not two like with box bets, which means you win less money.

Daily Double

When you bet on two horses, each to finish first in two back to back races, usually, the first two races of the day.

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