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The wait is finally over. This for at least one of the two cities that their teams were fighting for the NBA championship. San Francisco’s and the bay area’s wait is done. 40 years the fans of the Golden State Warriors had to endure in order to see their team crowned again.  For it was in 1975 that the Warriors led by  Rick Barry, Jamaal Wilkes and Phil Smith won their last title.

This final was one for the books, since Golden State was the underdog against  Washington. Although the real reason this final was for the books is the fact that they swept them in 4 games and Barry was named MVP. Cleveland on the other hand will continue their wait for the coveted but elusive title that’s escaped town for so long.

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Lebron Vs The World

This was the main theme during the NBA Finals. Lebron “The King” James taking the whole weight of the Cleveland Cavaliers offense on his shoulders against an extremely dynamic team. Although he came out as a loser in this finals, he still scored a whole couple of records for his own personal accomplishments. He has been the only player since the sixties to be in 5 consecutive finals and his 57.7 point and assist average shattered Michael Jordan’s 55.3 from the 1993 finals. The lack of two key players also played a roll in Cleveland’s downfall. If Kevin Love and Kyrie Irwin hadn’t got injured, maybe the story were telling would be a different one. At the end, it was the regular season MVP Stephen Curry and a highly talented roster coached by Chicago Bulls legend Steve Kerr, that took the honors. Will the “King” be able to reign over the NBA again? This and other questions remain to be answered next season.

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