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The countdown is almost over. The NFL 2015 season is about to kick off!

For this year, the honor lies on the defending champion New England Patriots, to host the opening game of the 96th NFL season, against Pittsburgh Steelers.

During five months, 32 teams will battle each other at 256 games to make their way into the playoffs and acquire the right to be, on February 7th, 2016 rushing yards over the Levi’s Stadium field, in Super Bowl 50.

What to Expect?

When it comes to analyzing stats and circumstances in order to pick a favorite or to make a prediction for the entire season it is pretty hard not to allow emotions and preferences to get involved.

This is why at Booking Per Head, instead of making our own predictions and let our passions drift away; we made an objective research and compared predictions and picks of some of the most respected professionals and names in the industry. Here are some of the most popular picks:

DolphinsAmerican Football Conference


Even though the Tom Brady scandal most of experts picked New England Patriots as favorite to win their division, followed by the Dolphins.


On this division experts also seemed pretty confident and their picks coincide, with Baltimore Ravens as favorite. However, it looks like there are discrepancies on the second pick, with a tie between Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. Perhaps after Thursday’s game, we might have a better idea.


This one seems pretty clear for experts as well. Most of them agreed on the Indianapolis Colts as leader team of the division, followed by the Houston Texans.


This division might be one with the most discrepancies. Nonetheless, there seems to be a little tendency on the Chargers and Broncos as favorites.

National Football Conference

american football: fans and playersEast

Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys were the most consistent options between the experts; nonetheless, there is a tie between the first and second place. So, feel free to bet on any of these two teams.


This one was pretty close, but at the end there was a slight slope towards the Green Bay Packers. However, Detroit Lions fans and followers appear to have a lot of trust on their team.


Predictions on the NFC South Division were all mixed up, but there seems to be a tendency of placing New Orleans Saints in 4th place. The rest of positions jump up and down.


Most experts agreed on the Seattle Seahawks as their pick to win the West Division, but it was hard to find matching predictions on the rest of the teams.

In most of the cases, experts have already made up their minds which they choose as favorites to make it into the playoffs. However, the preseason had major movements and eventualities, like injuries, locker room fights, rule changes and legal scandals, which might suprise later on the season.

Maybe it was just a warm up for what Thursday and the following months will bring in the 2015 NFL Season. Stay close and find out with Booking Per Head, everything regarding the up coming NFL season and the road to the Super Bowl 50!

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