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Last Saturday there was some history made in Mexico City. The reason behind this, UCF 188 and the unification of the Heavyweight title. This matchup brought together two of the biggest names in recent UFC history. Cain Velasquez came in as the champion but due to an injury, he had been unable to defend his title. His rival was non other than Brazilian Fabricio Werdum, who had the interim title after beating Mark Hunt in the fight that originally paired him against Cain.  The odds on the fight were pretty clear, Cain was the favorite with a -475 line against the +355 that Werdum was receiving. But the outcome of the fight was a very different one.

Superior Stamina

Young boxer performing a punchWerdum who had a 5 fight winning streak up to that moment, told the media after the fight that he had been training in Mexico City for over a month. This due to the fact that Mexico City is at an altitude of 7,382 feet which makes the air thinner and clearly impacts athletes not accustomed to this factor. It was very clear that this was the case with Velasquez. The champion was gassed out after the first round and had already received a severe beating. Round two was more of the same, with Werdum connecting to Cain’s face in all manner of punches. Fabricio who is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion, didn’t even had to resort to his ground game to pound the will out of Cain. The corner of Velasquez advised him to try and take the Brazilian down and this was his ultimate mistake. During the third round Cain attempted a take down only to fall prey of a neck choke to which he had to tap out. Stamina clearly played a major roll in this fight and hopefully Cain will take this into consideration next time he steps into the octagon.

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