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team - american football conceptRumors are a great part of sports and football specially. From the ones that end up being true to the ones that are complete folly, there will always be speculation during the NFL offseason. From Chip Kelly trying to get Marcus Mariota in the draft to the estranged relation of Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend. There is a rumor that caused some uproar this past week for what it would represent. It was in regards to future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

Truth or Fiction


Sexy football girlThe rumor stated that the Denver Broncos looked to trade him during the offseason. It seems that the institution tried to ship Manning to one of the teams that was very interested in him when he left the Indianapolis Colts. The Houston Texans was the interested culprit. Although denied by Denver’s general manager and football legend John Elway, there are certain elements that would indicate otherwise. They took away his head coach and offensive coordinator and brought a coach that favors the run over the passing game in Gary Kubiak.  We can also note the fact that it took a while for both parts to sign this year’s contract and that Peyton took a pay cut of $4 million dollars. He also lost two key receivers in free agent Wes Welker and tight end Julius Thomas who left for the Jacksonville Jaguars. On the other hand it has been reported via 3 sources inside the Texans institution that the rumor was completely false. Fans as well as sportsbooks and agents will most likely never know the truth, but these rumors do provide a necessary extra spice to any offseason.

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