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NBA fans as well as the gambling industry were shocked at this week’s news regarding Derrick Rose. The talented Chicago Bulls guard suffered a meniscus tear on his right knee. An extremely sad situation for a player that has already suffered his fair share of injuries. Extremely quick and versatile on court, Rose’s  recent injury is just another in a long line. Our deepest sympathies from Booking Per Head to Rose and his loved ones.

A Promising Future 

Scoring the winning points at a basketball game

The Bull’s had a long shot in selecting Derrick with a 1.7% chance on the draft lottery. Chance became reality and

they landed the number one selection of the 2008–09 draft. Rose’s impact on The Bulls gameplay was immediate, winning Rookie of the Month on November and December. Rookie of the Year honor was given to him making him join Michael Jordan and Elton Brand as the only Bulls to have gotten it.

The Injuries Starts

The playoffs of 2012 saw his first injury take place. Torn ACL and had to sit out for the remainder of that season and the next. October 29, 2013 saw Rose come back for his 1st official game with Chicago in over a year. Unfortunately tragedy struck back quickly and on November 22, Rose tore his right knee meniscus. October 2014 saw Rose come back to only injure his other knees meniscus a couple of days ago. A truly sad story that it’s end is yet to reveal itself. Basketball legend and commentator Bill Walton stated the following: ““Derrick’s going to have to find a new way. But he’s so young. Take a year off. Go to Hawaii, become a yogi master and just come back and then start up again.” Wise words from a player who suffered his share of injuries.

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