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Superbowl XLIX

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In the best manner of a soap opera, the Deflate Gate scandal has been pretty much one. Drama, lies, fake reports are elements that make this scandal worth of a TV drama. Deflate Gate also called Ballghazi, is a controversy that took this year during the AFC Conference Championship. The game was won by the New England Patriots over the Indianapolis Colts by a massive 45-7 score. The win saw the Patriots go though to the Superbowl which they would eventually win against the Seattle Seahawks. The whole scandal has to do with tampering of the balls used at the game. Before 2006 the home team had to provide all the gameday balls but nowadays each teams will provide the balls for their offense. A football has to be inflated to a certain pressure as per league rules. This is due to the fact that a deflated ball will be easier to handle and less prone to a fumble or interception. For this reason a huge probe was done and the Patriots lost their first round draft pick for 2016 and their 4th round pick for the 2017 draft. They also got hit with a $1 million fine but the biggest issue this moment is Brady’s suspension.

Suspension or No Suspension

New England Patriots image by Paul Keleher

New England Patriots image by Paul Keleher

The Patriots are facing a 4 game suspension their star quarterback Tom Brady received. The MVP of the last Superbowl seems to be firm in his desire to clear his name but it seems that he may now be willing to pay a fine in order to avoid the suspension.  The appeal of the suspension is already in and waiting for it’s outcome and Brady does not seem to be alone. NFLPA president Eric Winston has stated ““I hope they exonerate Tom and overturn his suspension, but if they don’t, we’re prepared to take the next step, whatever that next step might be.” Strong backup for Brady but on the other hand there seems to be a small group of team owners pressuring NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to uphold the suspension. Agents, sportsbooks as well as fans will have to wait to see how this drama unfolds.

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