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It’s been a long off season for the fans of the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys. The reason for this is due to the contract talks with their main wide receivers. Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant, both had been holding out from attending mini camps and training camp. In Dez Bryant’s case he even used Twitter to show his displeasure and to apologize to the fans beforehand if he were to miss a game or more. The NFL was even looking into possibility of collusion between both institutions, since it was speculated that they could have discussed the contracts in order to offer both players a similar deal. This all stems out of the fact that both star receivers wanted a Calvin Johnson type of deal (8 years, $132 million). Much speculation has been running through the media these past weeks but finally there is a agreement between the teams and the players, so fans all around can breath a little easier now. Let’s take a look into the details and the repercussion these contracts will bring around the league.


The Money Game

Neither  player wanted t to budge regarding their contacts and it is understandable. They’re their respective teams’ leading wide receivers and both teams have high expectations for this upcoming season. The two receivers got a 5 year, $70 million deal with over $40 million guarantied and although they don’t match Johnson’s contract, they are still pretty sweet deals. These deals will pave the way for top receiver such as A.J. Green, Antonio Brown, T.Y Hilton and more to seek for bigger pay days. Their impact on their teams is already know so this contracts should be a delight for any NFL fan expecting the best from their favorite players.

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