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The fight for a place on History.

As January progress we delve deeper into the playoffs and have finally arrived at the Conference Championships. But who is it that we find ready to fight for a spot in the biggest and most anticipated game of the year? This time around we find New England and Indianapolis for the AFC and Green Bay and Seattle for the NFC matching up in their respective conferences. Both Gillette Stadium and well as Centurylink Field are poised to host what should be a memorable weekend. From East coast to West coast with a driving distance of 3000 plus miles between them, we now take a further look into the AFC championship game in Foxborough, Massachusetts.



AFC: The Usual Suspect and the Future

New England has been in the AFC conference championship seven times in the last ten years. This visit actually makes it the eight time in eleven seasons and its fourth consecutive trip. The number are mind boggling in such a competitive sport and one that sees teams suffer so much roster wise each year. But you can count on Bill Belichick to consistently find ways to make a more than competitive team around his star Tom Brady. This year they were able to get a little revenge on the team that had shun their Superbowl dreams on the 2012-2013 AFC championship with their win over Baltimore. Tom Brady also got a new record in passing Joe Montana’s for playoff touchdowns with 46 and the Patriots have proven again why they have been the most dominant team in the AFC for the last 10 years.

The Colts and Andrew Luck can only get better and with their convincing win at Mile High, Chuck Pagano’s boys need one more victory in order to seal their ticket to February’s big game. A win at Foxborough would definitely silence most of Luck’s detractors since the 3rd years quarterback is prone to giving the ball away and people have used this fact against him. But with 4761 passing yards and 40 touchdown passes during the regular season, Luck is already carving his name on the NFL history books.  But him as well as the whole Colts team will have to raise their bar to win against a New England team that in November beat them 20-42 in Lucas Oil Stadium. Last time they played the big AFC game was the 2009 squad which actually made it to the Superbowl and ultimately lost it to the New Orleans Saints. But that was another Colt’s team lead by Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning, which makes it the right time for Luck and company to write their own page in Indy’s history.


Will the future of the NFL in Andrew Luck prevail or Tom Brady, future hall of fame?  The Colts and the Patriots will start answering this question and more next Sunday at 6:40 pm ET in which is set to be an high scoring game and heart stoping event for any fan of the sport.

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