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Two games left, one same purpose.

Sunday will be the biggest day yet for our soon to be over 2014-2015 NFL season, and both showdowns are poised to be great games. There will be another protagonist this weekend and it is the cold factor and for 3 of the remaining contenders this shouldn’t be a major factor.  Green Bay, Seattle and New England are used to similar conditions but the Colts, the Cinderella of these Championship games will not only have to face the cold but also outside conditions since Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof. But the Colts and Patriots we have already discussed, so let’s take a closer look into this year’s NFC championship contenders.


The Champ and the Cheese Heads

The Seahawks and their Legion of Boom have taken the best defense in the league honor for second year in a row and have blown away any doubt that they were not the same team that last year won it all. Although there are missing key figures in Seattle’s rooster, Pete Carrol and company have more than enough potential in their current roster to challenge last year’s squad. With a Russell Wilson, the only quarterback in NFL history to ever have a 300+ yards passing and 100+ yards rushing in the same game, and who also has the highest playoff passer rating with a whopping 109.6, the Seahawks could be the first back to back champion since 2003-2004. But they have their biggest and toughest rival yet ahead of them, for if there is a team that could inflict more than damage to the Seattle Seahawks, that would be the Packers.

Green Bay won their chance at the championship with an easy formula: don’t lose any home games. And that is exactly what they did the whole season and playoffs, but they now face the loudest stadium in the league and the toughest defense. But is Aaron Rogers and his injured calf ready to face the Legion and CenturyLink?  A whole lot of people and press are placing Mr. Rogers and the regular season MVP and a win come Sunday would most likely seal the delay for him. But as coach Mike McCarthy is aware of, this will not be a small feat to attempt. And although Dallas was able to go into Seattle and come out with a victory this year, it has been something rarely done as of late since Seattle has a home record of 17-2 the last 2 years.  Circumstances like these are the right ones for MVP’s to step up and take what’s theirs. It’s not like they are unfamiliar to it, for it wasn’t long ago in 2011 that Green Bay raised the Lombardi Trophy.


Both teams have dynasty potential in them; for if you see the ages of many key players is below thirty. Seattle for example has: Earl Thomas and Bruce Irvin; 25, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor; 26, and even Michael Bennett is only 29. In Green Bay we see the same tendency, with young weapons in Randall Cobb and Eddie Lacy; 24, and seasoned veterans Clay Mathews (28) and Jordy Nelson (29). So this weekend will define who gets to play next February 1st for a chance to win the Superbowl.


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