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Per Head Services: Best agent/player management solutions

Don’t you wish you could focus on the things you love and that you are great at, and have the ability to leave the rest to professionals who have your back no matter what? Well, that day has come!

In our current technology-driven world you can’t afford to chill out and smell the roses because the competition surely isn’t. At Booking PerHead we own top of the line equipment and the most up to date hardware, installed with specialized techs who are constantly looking for better options. We offer fast browsing, easy to use websites and mobile applications to fit any agent or player’s needs.


Start 2017 right, and start raking in the profits…

In our line of business, seconds are priceless!  Our cutting edge custom built software allows you to see and control what your players are doing at any moment! Detailed limits and lines for each player to allow maximum flexibility. 

View all your players on real time, including pending wagers and instant action.

We have your back 24/7

We have a Full Team ready at your disposition any time of the day. We take pride in our representatives and guarantee the best customer service in the industry.

By letting us do what we do best, you can focus on the things YOU do best. Join our winning team and see what we can achieve together, you will be glad you did!

technology solutions for your players

 Experience Booking PerHead

By becoming our partner, you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a bookmaker without the high operational costs involved with running your own office. Booking PerHead is a complete turnkey solution for existing bookmakers as well as individuals looking to become a bookmaker. Check the many solutions we have for you and your players. Or contact any of our agents who are waiting to take your call.

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