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The NFL has to be the sports league with most rules in the world

The complexity of the game and the strategy needed to succeed are amazing. Yet for these exact reasons the sport needs to continuously evolve. From punting closer to midfield to helmet to helmet tackles, the game rules are constantly being reviewed and in some cases changed or updated. The athletes health has been a major rule changer in these recent years, since more and more retired players are speaking up about the long term effects. But not only does the player’s health affect in rule changing, many other factors are taken into consideration. For agents and sportsbooks alike, being on top of the most recent rule changes from the NFL is a must. Booking Per Head the best Per Head Service in the business would like to give you the scoop on what changes are currently being discussed.

Expanding the Playoffs

Football PlayerMuch talk has taken place these recent years regarding expanding the playoffs. Not only would it bring extra games to fans that can’t get enough football, it would also mean extra revenue for the teams involved. Altough the subject was brought forward during a meeting of the team owners in Phoenix, it was ultimately shut down.  So at least for the 2015 season we wont be seeing any extra playoff games.

Changes to the Extra Point

technology solutions for your playersNowadays we seldom see a team run a 2 point conversion unless they are against the ropes. It seems the league is a bit tired of this fact and for this reason the extra point parameters may be subject to change. From placing the spot of the extra point on the 15 yard line to running all 2 point conversions from the 1 yard line. There has even been radical talk of eliminating the extra point attempt all together.


Fans and gamblers alike are in for a roller coaster if any of this new rules are applied. Is you action in the hands of the best per head service in the market?


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