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The combat sports scene was shocked last Tuesday night as Brock Lesnar slammed down all rumors of a UFC return. For the last weeks, the sports industry and fans have been betting on which path “The Beast”, Brock Lesnar was going to choose. Rumors have been growing as Lesnar’s WWE contract was about to expire on March 30th. This upcoming date had UFC fans, sportsbooks and agents excited and almost counting days to see “The Beast” entering the octagon once again. But no one was more excited than UFC President, Dana White who had Lesnar on UFC 184 as special guest, appearing live alongside him.

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White and the UFC are in need of an attractive heavyweight for the UFC fans, for a long time now. Brock Lesnar could have been that star fighter that would trigger the heavyweight class. Even though the official numbers have not been released, it is said that UFC 100 (which had Lesnar as headliner) broke theUFC’s own pay-per-view records. Last march 24th during Tuesday night’s SportsCenter, Lesnar went on air and announced a multi-year extension with WWE; in seconds all UFC fans’ hopes and rumors were destroyed.


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Before debuting on the MMA’s famous circuit UFC, “The Beast” was a former NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Champion. He entered the octagon for the first time in 2008 at UFC 81, losing his debut against Frank Mir, by submission. Brock Lesnar shocked the combat sports scene and the betting industry on November 15 at UFC 91, when took Randy Couture’s Title Belt by technical knock out on the second round. Lesnar was the new UFC Heavyweight Champion. In 2011, Lesnar left the UFC after struggling with diverticulitis. In April 2012 Brock appeared back on WWE Raw. He became champion after defeating John Cena at Summerslam 2014.


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