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Sport bettors and enthusiasts are always looking to place a solid, safe bet. It doesn’t matter how sharp or rookie he or she is. We all want to win our bets.

With an increasing betting market and a fast evolution of the gambling industry, many sportsbooks are constantly looking to improve their services and to offer more attractive wagers. For example, the possibility for bettors to buy points on point spread bets in football and basketball. Even though, this is an old sportsbook feature, it remains as one of the most common topics of discussion between bettors. They all tend to differ if it is a good option or not. Nonetheless, they all agree, it is a pretty attractive alternative. Specially, after getting smashed on their balance from the previous week. All they want is to recover.

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Bookie Tips: Making Profit on NFL

Buying points allows you to give away less points on the favorite or receive more points on the underdog. Most books that offer this betting option do so at a price of 10% per half-point . So, if you get a -5 (-110) line, you can purchase half a point and make it -4.5 (-120). Or take the underdog at +5.5 (-120) or +6 (-130). However, most of the books won’t allow you to buy more than 3 points.

Key numbers on NFL: 3 & 7

Now, when it comes to NFL point spreads there are certain numbers that have to be given more consideration than others, for example: 3. Three, is the most common margin of victory in the NFL, due to the nature of the scoring system in professional football. Therefore, it should be handled with care and even charge a little bit more for it. Just enough to make it fair.

Because so many games are decided by a field goal or just three point difference; it has become the most important number for NFL handicappers. Therefore, it should be more expensive for bettors to buy points that move a side on or off of a three-point spread. If the point spread on a game is 3 and you like the favorite, it would be smart to move the spread down to -2.5 points, as you now have one of the key numbers in your favor. Nonetheless, because you are getting a pretty good chance of covering the spread, most sportsbooks will charge 25 cents instead of 10, making the point spread  -2.5 (-135). Even though it is a more expensive line, it is still pretty attractive to any bettor.

The next most important NFL key number is seven, obviously, since that is the difference in games decided by a touchdown and extra point. Other key numbers are 4, 6, and 10. Around 42 percent of all NFL games are going to end up with one of those five margins.

Bookie tips to make money on your sportsbook

Make money on NFL key numbers

The NFL season has reached its peak with the Wildcard Weekend and the Divisional Round done. Now, is when the fun begins! Take advantage of the highest traffic of NFL bets in the season and make some extra money with the key numbers. Take control of your players and make the most of the playoffs. Contact Booking Per Head today and get the best and most flexible software in the industry.


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