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For any professional bookie, using pay per head software is a must. As a bookmaker, when you settle for any average software online, you’re at a disadvantage. Those agents that decide to use a robust pay per head solution will definitely make the most profit.

Make More Profit With The Very Best PPH Software

There’s no way around it. Below average quality pay per head software will make you below average profit, and we know that’s not exactly what you’re aiming for. You’ll need nice, customizable dashboard, a variety of reports, and some other business management tools. Anything less is not going to cut it.

The Best Agent Management Per Head Software In The Market

At Booking Per Head, we offer a great software solution for the most demanding bookies. With tons of different features designed to help you have better control and follow up on your player’s action, as well as your business profit. That’s why we are confident when we say it is the best per head software out there.

Per Head Software Features - Weekly figuresWeekly Figures

Customizable reports are the name of the game. With our software, you’ll be able to run full reports on your players’ figures in real time. No more reports with information that’s not relevant to you. You can customize the reports to fit your needs.

Per Head Software Features - Game AdminGame Admin

Be the boss! Our software will let you see where the action goes LIVE. With this feature, you can run the show. You can keep track of what your player is doing at all times and move your own line as needed.

You can be sure that with Booking Per Head, you will always have the best line out there, and we always recommend our agents to let us handle their lines. We have a team of specialized people working on this 24/7. We just have the option for any agent that wants to do it.

Per Head Software Features - Customer AdminThe Masterpiece: Customer Admin

This feature is a work of art. It gives you access to all your players, separated by agent or master agent. The best part of it all is that you can set by specific player or sport on any of these features.

More Great Features

  • Pending Wagers Reports
  • Graded Reports
  • Bet Ticker
  • IP Tracker
  • Total Active Customers
  • Email Services
  • Enter Customer Transactions
  • Agent Performance

The Right Solution for Your Per Head Business

Our software offers a variety of other features that are meant to support you and your business. This is why we are confident that we are the right solution for you. Contact us now and get a free trial. We’re more than happy to give you all the details.

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