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With the Superbowl behind us and March Madness almost here, there is another fan’s favorite upon us

Baseball fans all around can’t wait for America’s favorite sport to bring us another action and excitement packed season. As with any new season, this one bring many changes. From a new commissioner to A-Rod’s comeback, high expectations are set all around the league. Important trades have taken place which will help shape the new season and provide bookmakers lots of chances to see their profits rise. With Wrigley field under renovation (and rats apparently) to Montreal’s dream about an MLB team in town again, we take a look at some major headlines involving this new upcoming season.



A New Head Honcho

Rob Manfred is the name and he has been in the game for  long time. The former Chief Operating Officer has been involved with the MLB full time since 1998. A Cornell and Harvard law graduate, he first got involved with the league all the way back to 1987 helping them during collective bargaining. Finally on August 2014 he beat MLB executive vice president of business Tim Brosnan and  Tom Werner, Rex Sox Chairman to become the 10th MLB commissioner. No time has been wasted by Mr. Manfred who just started his job on January 25 and his already in some controversy for stating the possibility of ending Defensive Shifts. He also had the following words to say ““Look, I think Montreal helped itself as a candidate for Major League Baseball with the Toronto games that they had up there last year.”  You can be sure that he already has some big fans up north.


The ballad of A-Rod continues

Alexander Emmanuel “Alex” Rodriguez has his name in both the good records as well as in the bad. After years of denials and allegations and a very lengthy suspension, Rodriguez is finally set to come back. For it was in August 2013 that the MLB imposed a 211 game suspension which after an arbitration hearing was reduced to 162. So for the whole 2014 season, A-Rod saw no action whatsoever. In recent days he apologized to the new commissioner and tried to set up a meeting with the Yankees executives . This meeting was not accepted and he was coldly  told ““We’ll see you in spring training.” A clear rift exists between Alex and the Yankees, so only the upcoming season will tell us how this dance will end. The slugger is ready and has even been training with ex player Barry Bonds. Both players have been involved in PED scandals so we cant really understand how this will help A-Rod’s already tarnished image.

baseball player sliding into home plate


Renovation of an old classic

All around the league as well as the NFL, teams have been upgrading their home fields. The Bay Area saw a new stadium come to town a few years ago, and now a Chicago classic is having a makeover. Wrigley Field which was built in 1914 and originally called Weeghman Park. It wasn’t until 1927 that owner and chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr. gave it its current name. Oldest stadium of the National League and only second overall to Fenway Park in Boston which dates back to 1912. But the recent renovations to the the field have brought not only complaints and lawsuits but also a rat problem. For it seems that when the parking lot started being renovated, the rat problem began. Locals have stated that “We’ve had rats almost on a daily basis walking all around the neighborhood. In the streets, on the sidewalks, on people’s porches.”  All this problems have summed up and it seems that the bleachers for example wont be ready for the home opener.



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