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A tough road was the one they had in front starting the tournament, tough new and old opponents in a foreign land (well Canada ain’t that foreign). Doubts arose during the first round of the tournament. The media did not forgive a scoreless draw that easily and the national team had to take some fire. The second round seemed to clearly suit them better and their road to the final was clear. The draw is broken and now it’s the United States Women’s National Team the ones with 3 stars on their jerseys for their 3 Wold Cup championships. Behind them now is Germany with two championships and a 16 year wait. For during the 2011 Cup the feat was almost accomplished but lost to the Japanese via penalty shootouts.  Sportsbooks and agents all around have celebrated the women’s victory and we want to retell their road to success.

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It was just a slow start

This seems to be the case with the USWNT during this recent World Cup. They won the first phase of the tournament with wins over Australia and Nigeria via 3-1 and 1-0 but failed to beat the Swedish squad, only drawing 0-0. This raised some questions regarding their low scoring and what laid ahead. All doubts started dissipating with a 2-0 win over Colombia during the best of 16 draw.  A tough Chinnesse team was only beaten in quarterfinals via a lone goal by who would become the best player and top scorer of the tournament, Carli Lloyd. Semifinals saw them paired against former champions Germany, which had up to this point an almost perfect tournament. 2-0 was the score by which the US team accessed the grand final which matched them against team Japan. This was the team that took their thunder via penalty shootouts during the 2011 Wold Cup.  The rematch was far from what it was expected since the Japanese squad allowed 4 goals in 16 minutes, pretty much sealing the fate of the match. Carli Lloyd showed why she was elected the best player of the tournament by scoring 3 of those 4 goals. At the end the final score was 5-2, the cup has been raised again and for the 3rd time by the USWNT.

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